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Assign your claim to Commercial-Ease through our website.You can log in 24/7 and be assured that your claim will be handled expeditiously.
Commercial-Ease will assign your claim to an experienced adjuster who is trained/certified in the use of the EquiX platform.Our review of the available industry adjusting software platforms determined EquiX to be far superior to any other solution.
The Commercial-Ease adjuster will be on site within 48 hours to work with the insured party.Insured parties feel more comfortable knowing that they have a specific industry professional on-site to assist with their claim and answer their questions.
The Commercial-Ease adjuster collects photos and all relevant information necessary to properly identify each item of contents that is covered as part of the loss. This information is instantly available online for review by any individual the Carrier or TPA authorizes to follow the claims process. The EquiX system ensures that each adjuster collects enough information to allow Industry Vendors to supply pricing for like kind and quality replacement items. The TPA or Carrier has complete access to follow the claims process on a 24/7 basis.

Even if an adjuster is unable to complete the adjusting of a claim, that person's work will have been saved in the cloud (meaning that duplicative services will not be required).
Once the Commercial-Ease adjuster has compiled all relevant data on lost/damaged items, that information is forwarded to Industry Vendors who deal with those specific items of content.The adjuster is no longer involved in the valuation process after compiling the relevant information. There is no additional time or expense associated with the adjuster from that point forward. That eliminates somewhere between 50% and 65% of the typical cost being charged by an adjuster.
Commercial-Ease collects bids from Industry Vendors on each of the claimed items. Commercial-Ease then prepares a report with each item associated with a link for the Carrier and the Insured to be able to view the proposed replacement items along with the specifications and pricing.The Commercial-Ease Industry Vendors supply bids (actual offers to sell replacement contents to the Insured). This eliminates "educated guesses" as to the value of like kind and quality goods. The Carrier and Insured have the ability to view each proposed replacement item along with its specifications and a price set by an industry vendor.
The transparency and functionality associated with the Final Reports goes so far as to allow the Insured to order replacement items directly from each Final Report.The ability for the Insured to order contents directly from a Final Report eliminates the fear that an Insured may have regarding whether they are getting a "fair price" for their contents. Additionally it insulates the Carrier from litigation because these are not estimates...rather, they are offers to sell the replacement items to the Insured at a given price.
Your confidential encrypted Final Reports are maintained in the EquiX cloud-based solution.You will always have 24/7 access to review needed information from any Final Report adjusted by Commercial-Ease.

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